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What People Say

Members of Prayer Meeting

The reason I go to the  Prayer meeting and Mass at Muintir Mhuire is I find them very prayerful  and spiritually rewarding. I also meet friendly people with similar interests and beliefs as myself.
(Male youth)

Past member of Community

I have grown and learned through my interaction with  the community, everyday new challenges and I thank God for experiences  that helped me to grow, it was great to share all we have and are with  others, feeling very much at home as one family, sharing, caring and  growing in Gods Love. It was lovely to be joined together in Joy and  friendships using our gifts and sharing them with others. (female  youth).

Financial Supporter

I like to support Muintir Mhuire financially because I  think there is a need for the services that they are offering,  especially offering people a place to pray and think in peace. (male  youth)

Medjugorje Pilgrims

Member spent 4 months in Community
Spending time with  the Community in Medjugorge : a truly beautiful and spiritual place,  where friendships were formed, love and support for each other, growing  in faith, praise and adoration for Jesus. I thank God for the good and  truly inspiring time spent with the community and not forgetting the  Mother of God Mary. New beginnings, life, Peace, and happiness, and a  special thanks to Fr. Donal O' Callaghan.
Guests from the Craig Lodge Community

We would like to  thank you for your warm welcome and hospitality. We had a really lovely  time with you in medjugorje and will never forget it.Thank you for  looking after our Spiritual, Educational and Practical side of our stay  in this Holy place. Greetings to everyone in Muintir Mhuire.   
Pawel and Paul

Family and four children spend time in Europa.
Thank you for  inviting us to stay at Muintir Mhuire. Pam the kids and I had a great  experience both at the house with Sister Dolorosa, Paul, Breda and Fr.  Paul and in Medjugorje. We will keep you and your project and all who  visit here in our prayers. If you think we can help in any way let us  know.
Billy and Pam.

"Room at the Inn"
Many thanks to you  and your community for having "room at the inn" . Thank you for your  hospitality. I look foward to seeing you again here soon & i wish  you and the community every blessing in this special place and in your  work at home.
God bless Conlaith

Just a little token of appreciation
My deepest  gratitude to you all for your love, kindness & joyfyl spirit, you  have made my time in Medjugorje the most memorable af all times i've  been here. It was " Medjugorje from the Inside" a feast of happy  memories.
Love, thoughts & prayers,    
Christian Community Experience for Young People
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